At FRIMECO, we develop a variety of products such as synthetic and natural metal sulfides, steel fibers, non-ferrous fibers, and friction lining mixtures. In our laboratories, we ensure continuous control during the production process as well as a final inspection of all of our products.

Our products are of high quality and comply with the highest quality standards. Therefore, these materials can be found worldwide in Original Equipment (OE), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and After-Market (AM) applications.

In addition to the main use of friction material in the Automotive Industry, FRIMECO products are also found in brake pads for rail and industrial applications.

Since 2007, our special steel fibers are also in demand in the concrete industry. Our factory in Bosnia develops technologically innovative products, which are also distinguished by an excellent quality. Our customers especially appreciate our high level of technical know-how and our customer-oriented solutions.